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Your 24/7 Pharmacy store

As a physical and online pharmacy in Lagos, we are always available to tend to your needs, both in store and online!

 We are your one stop online pharmacy for your medical needs. You can also get your supermarket items from us. We deliver on thesame day you order!

Medicine & Vitamins

We have over 2000 inventory to meet your demand a seamless shopping experience.

Personalized Care

Our 24 hour online pharmacists and excellent customer care personnel, gives us the confidence to serve you better.

Get your drugs quicker

Get anything you need with our single search functionality. For fast delivery, we are your most trusted physical and online pharmacy in lagos!

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Get rewarded for every referral you make.

We love to encourage our customers especially those that have the interest of our brand on their mind. This is why we designed our affiliate loyalty program to reward our clients for their referral.

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Our pharmacists are well trained with vast experience having  worked at renowned hospitals, health centers and community outreach programmes. This makes Oxycline Pharmacists fit and capable of handling your health needs. 

Visit our Pharmacy near you.

Our pharmacy at Lawanson, Surulere is easily accessible and always open(24/7) to ensure that you always get your needed medication.

Speak to our Consultant

We have our team of medical consultants at just a click away willing to help with your prescriptions and needed health tips

Get verified products

All our products are from trusted and verifiable source. This is to ensure the health and safety of our clients remains a priority


+234 903-304-0000, 909-991-1196. 


11, Aborishade Road, Off Itire Road, By Lawanson  B/Stop, Lawanson, Lagos.


Store Hours

Store is available 24/7